My Dream…

My dream of a day when I say goodbye…
Goodbye to the life that gave me all but peace
A peace so elusive that it took my life to find
A peace so necessary that I lost my life

My dream of getting the laughter back on my face
The face that was so different than the one which now says goodbye

My dream of finding myself
That ME which got lost in the life that went by
That ME which I cannot find when I stand before a mirror
That ME which was full of love, life and meaning

My dream of finding LOVE…
The love that did not become mine
That love that was so near me always
Yet…love never seemed mine

My dream of being an ideal
The ideal, full of principles, full of values
Life brought me in situations
Where values gave way to practicality
Practicalities brought me to look at
Things with a different attitude
I lost the values, the values, which defined ME

OHHHH!!! Why did I ever dream of all these things…
For the unfulfilled dreams no bring me…
To the point of no return…
I pray to God…forgive me for my sins, the sins that I did all my life..and…
The Sin that I now do
I come to thee with hope and prayer
A prayer…for fulfillment of all my dreams
Which in life I could not fulfill…
Which in death…I ask for fulfillment

Make my Death go not a waste
As my life went by
Make my Death a realization
For those who helped in failing my dreams
Make my death offer peace to those
Who wanted to see me but alive

Oh God, help me, help me in fulfilling at least this dream
For death seems more meaningful than life
I have failed in life…let me succeed…at least in Death

My dream…was not this…for sure
My dream…ends…now…now…as I close my eyes…as I move to you…Oh God


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