Kab tak sochta rahoonga mein zamaney key soch key baarey mein

Meri Mushkil ka hal to yeh zamana soch na saka

Aaj jab nikla hoon mein apni manzil par apni marzi sey

Kyon aitraaz hai unjo jo sochtey hi nahin they merey baarey mein

Death of Bonhomie

Bonhomie…frank and simple good heartedness and friendliness.  Bonhomie, a trait, has almost ceased to exist in its real sense in the present world.  Today, bonhomie is artifical goodness, meant for public display.  What was earlier a feeling from the heart, is now a feeling for the camera…for the face.  This is a general behavioural change.  What have been the reasons that led to a society where human relationships were of prime importance to turn into a materialistic society where even close family ties are slowly losing their importance, forget ties which go beyond the immediate family?  A generational change cannot be blamed alone.  The generation of today had the logical right to inherit the good qualities of the generation of yesterday.  If what was an inherent goodness in the earier generation is not reflected in the present generation, then to some extent, though not fully, the earlier generation would be blamed not to have inculcated the good qualities in the gen next.  Having said that however, the fact remains that with an increase in the variety of behavioural exposure that the younger generation gets today, probably the power of good teachings passed on by the older generation to the younger generation has diminished or gone off.

Which parent would not have imbibed in his son the basic good trait of the son looking after the parents when they need him most…in their old age.  There are cases where the children, after getting good education, at the cost of the parents sacrificing the peace of their life’s prime days, forget the parents and move off to lands of high promises.  Some do this on their own volition, some do it under the influence of marital ties.  The poor old parents are left behind to fend for themselves.

Siblings, who in their days together have bonded and enjoyed life, turn indifferent to each other when they have grown up and ‘moved on’ in life.  Some turn into enemies, either due to the lure of family money, or due to any other reason, overlooking the days where pure love and blood ties were most important.

Many things can be written about the declining importance of bonding, of bonhomie.  Anyone who reads this blog  is welcome to write to me on this blog and tell me why the future generation may fail to understand the warmth and the peace that is generated out of this pure feeling of love, bonhomie and affection between two people which is devoid of any materialistic expectations.