Irony of life

The realisation that what you thought was a sacrifice in life for the better good of others, was actually the biggest cruelty to your own self.

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कश्मकश में रहता है हर वक़्त क्यों 

अपनी सोच पर तू क़ाबू कर ले ऐ कम-जलील 

जद्दोजहद रोज़ करनी होगी तुझको खुद से ही 

खुद पर फ़तह कर ले, जमाने से फिर तुझको कोई डर नहीं

O my uneasy mind, in conflict with itself 

Indulge not in wavering thoughts 

It’s a struggle everyday within yourself 

The uneasy mind conquered, would have no fear of the pain that fate may bring about 


The Reset – Lockdown Day #5

The human race perhaps perceived it’s infallibility. But great nations and their powers have met with fates they never perceived. History has, over the world’s existence, repeated itself innumerable times. And when the time comes, there occur changes to a set pattern; a reset.

In the busy chaotic way of life, none would have imagined a “reset” happening.

The lockdowns around the world would probably result in a reset of sorts.

Reset of the pace of work, reset in the manner of living, reset in the powers of the powerful nations and men, all but seems inevitable. Though none may realise, but if seen in the right perspective, maybe not now, maybe few months or a year later, there would have seeped in many changes.

Every individual would have to be objective in his own analysis of himself. There will be a reset. It perhaps has already been set in motion. It would be slow, unlike a reset in an electronic device or gadget; resets in human lives shall take some time to be seen,

For some, it would be good. For some, it would be painful. Some may not realise it for they were probably passive to their surroundings from the beginning.

But a reset it would be. Time, it is said, is the best healer. Likewise, time, is an agent of change. A reset is nothing but a change, a correction.

And that is to happen now, when the world at large is forced to stop, to allow a reset long overdue.


Wisdom are words spoken by the men in possession of knowledge.

Knowledge is an ocean, it’s depth unfathomable.

O ye who seeketh knowledge, I say to thee, I seeketh knowledge myself. Show me the path that leads into and unto the sea of knowledge, vast, deep and varied; for life would be well-lived, if on my last breath I were to say, O Lord, thank you for all the treasures of the knowledge of the world that you blessed me with!

Strange are the ways of life; when the yesterday that i lived in promised a rosy tomorrow, the tomorrow then, which is my today, is not the rosiness I was waiting for.  And now, in what my today promises for my tomorrow, I wonder whether it would be worth the wait and anticipation of the morrow that the day today promises.  Yet, hope is what keeps life going…so let’s hope for a better tomorrow, for if not for hope, then the charm of living would cease to exist.

The stage when the heart learns to let go of attachments that colour the ability to decide is the stage where life can look forward to a change much yearned, but never attempted to achieve.