कश्मकश में रहता है हर वक़्त क्यों 

अपनी सोच पर तू क़ाबू कर ले ऐ कम-जलील 

जद्दोजहद रोज़ करनी होगी तुझको खुद से ही 

खुद पर फ़तह कर ले, जमाने से फिर तुझको कोई डर नहीं

O my uneasy mind, in conflict with itself 

Indulge not in wavering thoughts 

It’s a struggle everyday within yourself 

The uneasy mind conquered, would have no fear of the pain that fate may bring about 


My view on the coronavirus and way forward

Too much of coronavirus posts going around – no use. We all are under jail like lockdown physically as well as mentally.  These posts and forwards are best ignored and least acted upon.

The lockdown will ultimately lead mankind to a different kind of disease – in fact two.

A physical disease that will destroy the body internally.  And a mental disease that will destroy the mind silently.

It’s not that the lockdown will ensure complete eradication of the disease or will guarantee that after the lockdown or the extended period gets over we all would be under no threat of the disease going away. And it’s still months before any medical remedy will be available. So theoretically, until then the world is at risk.  Are we going to be locked down until then? Are we going to be let out and face the disease?

It is a myriad of questions that have no answers and cannot have any answers.

As of now, it’s a test of patience, a test of endurance of the present and of enduring the thoughts of the future.

Beyond that, all the forwards and sermons and fake news are nothing but acts of those who have already failed in their present survival and have nothing better to do.

Only thing that I see worthwhile to do now is, stick to your faith, believe in destiny, read and assimilate knowledge, stay healthy, mentally and physically and keep calm.

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