Random Thoughts


Cherish(ed) Life

Life with its abundant beauty and mysteries

Goes by every day 

Leaving behind moments to cherish and to remember

Some sweet, some bitter, some harsh

But moments left behind as memories

To cherish life as it was lived

Memories flash by, as life comes to an end

What could probably be on the mind of the man

Whose soul is slowly easing out from his body

Fear of the unknown, happiness to meet the Creator

Or…memories of the life lived…

He who passes away would only know the moment

As he passes away from here to the hereafter

The fallacy of the rich

Those who believe in retaining all that they earn unto themselves, forget that economics is a cyclical process, and, in the short sightedness of such a belief, end up destroying the chain that would ultimately direct what they spend on others, back to themselves as their own.

Mohamed Nawaz Haindaday

The Mind, The Heart and the Heartless Mind

A mind in search of happiness

A happiness not sought of by the heart

The mind seems disconnected
From the beats of the heart!

I wonder then, what is it that I seek
The desires of the heart will last but not long, for happiness is momentary

The mind, that rules the body and thus the heart,
The happiness sought by the mind shall bring sanity, lasting longer them the happiness of the heart

I shall thus recalibrate

My heart with my mind

The gift of intellect over the failure of matters of the heart Have, over years that have gone by

Brought me to a point of conviction

That matters of heart are not meant to be

That mind matters over everything; sanity is reality

Rest all, is mere fallacy.

The Heartless Mind

Random thought…

O my thoughts go not astray

O my mind be not so gullible to be led astray

O my heart trust not those

Who lead me to separate

From the hearts of those

On whom the mind casts the darkness

Of the shadows brought upon by the weak mind

A moment’s mistake breaketh

What could be a togetherness in longevity

The gullibility strikes at fragility of relations akin to the strength of a thread

A thread that binds together, when broken loosens all that it would have held

A broken thread shreds all away

Depend on none but destiny

And when thou shall learn to live without the thought of there being a hand to help

Then shall life be happy and the mind free

 For dependance deprives the man of the thought process that helps in achieving the tasks at hand singularly 

And thus brings about despair when the hand that thee seek may not be there when sought to be held 

 Live as if there is no tomorrow 

Walk as if thy hath no hand to hold

Remember, in death, thou hast to be alone, death does not take you in pairs

आज सुबह, माह-ए-अक्टूबर में अचानक चल रही ठंडी हवा से मुझको ये ख़याल आया…

अजीब सी हो गयीं हैं मौसम में तब्दीलियाँ आज कल

इंसान के मिज़ाज की तरह, ना क़ाबिले ऐतबार, अचानक सी

कभी सोचता हूँ मैं उस तरफ़

जहाँ से अक्सर शुरू होते हैं मसले बोहोत से

मिज़ाज की तब्दीलियाँ कैसे बन जाती हैं वजह

ना-हल या फिर तन जाने वाले ना-इत्तफ़ाक़ियों की

हम ने सीखा नहीं कभी एक छोटे सा सलीक़ा

जिससे शायद सकूँ हो दो हमराह के सफ़र में

जियो और जीने दो, हर शकस को अपनी मर्ज़ी से अपना हर क़दम चलने दो

ये मौसम भी शायद अब तंग आ गया होगा अपने वक़्त पर तब्दील होने से

सोचता होगा, इंसानों पर क्यों महर करूँ जब वो ही ख़ुदगर्ज़ हों

बदल जाऊँ में भी जब जैसे चले हवा, इंसानो का क्या है, आदत है उनको तंग करने की और सब सहने की

ऐ इंसान, अब जब तुझको ये ख़याल आए

अचानक कैसे बदला आज मौसम, कुछ वक़्त ये भी ख़याल कर लेना, तेरी फ़ितरत से तो बेहतर है मौसम का तब्दील होना

Walk the full mile, else do not walk at all

Stay connected for a life time, else do not connect at all

Relations that be subject to temperamental whims and fantasies

Were never the relations meant to be kept at all.

Materialism devours all relationships, good, big or small

Yet for the present times, what gives returns is the test of sustainable


Beyond that, is all but false!!

A day in the life of a man

A day which brings him to a closure of a year gone by

A day, a date, significant of the birth of the man

A day that brings him closer to the end of life

Yet, we celebrate, an event of the yore

Yet, we celebrate, a date, not more meaningful than

Anything but the man

O ye all, who join together to wish me, virtually now

Thanks but no thanks

For, had it not been the gift of virtual existence

There would have not been the virtual expression of happiness

Of the date, when apart from me coming into existence

The world would have gone on, unmindful of my being born

I wonder always, what good have I been for the world

For if not, why and what would be the reason to rejoice

On the change in clock, that brings upon the time

That makes you say Happy Birthday