Why doth a man  hunt for excuses to lay the blame upon?

Why not look within to find faults, aplenty they may be!

Every problem a human faces, causes thereof lie in his inabilities


A mind in conflict with all that walks, crawls and moves

Cannot be the mind that can be put to effective use


Sadly, realisations do not translate into actions

Time waits for none, yet for him who remains confused, life will always be at a standstill


Emptiness, hollowness, where thou lead us to, o Life! A blank stare, at times in the future with a reflection of the past; would the reflection help in any way now?


Thus I lost all those who seemed to be my friends
But thus I gained freedom from fallacy

It’s better off to be in the company of none
Than be with those who see you as an opportunity

Life is like an ocean, deep, savage and unexplored
It’s easier to swim alone, even if it be against the tide
It’s easier than, swimming holding hands of those who are themselves looking for a hand that will save

As has been famously said, man cameth alone, man hath to go alone
Why then seek those who drop tears as would a crocodile do
Ain’t I better off doing it for myself alone!

Expression of those thoughts that do not meet the expectation of the world at large get to be bracketed in the broader term of philosophy