Why doth a man  hunt for excuses to lay the blame upon?

Why not look within to find faults, aplenty they may be!

Every problem a human faces, causes thereof lie in his inabilities


A mind in conflict with all that walks, crawls and moves

Cannot be the mind that can be put to effective use


Sadly, realisations do not translate into actions

Time waits for none, yet for him who remains confused, life will always be at a standstill


2 Replies to “Agony”

  1. I would beg to agree with you on this blog except for the title. Why have you named it Agony?

    Was it Hazrat Aadam (AS) dua, La’Illaha Illa Anta Subhanaka Inni Kumtum Minaz-Zualimein. I do not remember it correctly but it is there in the Qur’an.

    One must take the responsibility of his actions. What does responsibility mean. It means the ability to give a response. When people take responsibility of something, they have the power to change it. If they lay the blame on someone else, they give away that power. Unfortunately most people especially people living in third world countries tend to put the blame on other people for their misfortunes. They would just lay on their asses, do nothing and blame others for their poor conditions. Its a sad reality in our part of the world.

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