Arvind Kejriwal, Aam Aadmi Party and a hope for ‘the winds of change’. Will India’s aam aadmi kick the politicians in their butt

First time in Indian political history…a man…a movement…Arvind Kejriwal, ex Income Tax officer, who resigned his Indian Revenue Service to fight the corrupt system and his Aam Aadmi Party.  Kejriwal and his party who were expected to fail miserably and be wiped off from the political scene, in fact wiped off the Grand old party and its actually buddi Chief Minister from the political scene of Delhi state.  Mr. Kejriwal is now on his way in Delhi’s Metro to Ramlila Maidan to take oath as Chief Minister of Delhi State.

He has stuck to the basic issue concerning governance…CORRUPTION.  He is now on the verge of creating history by being the first common Indian to take oath as Chief Minister of India’s premier city-state.  If he succeeds, he will lay down the way forward for governance.  Both the two major political parties, much against their wishes and agenda of greed, are noisily emulating and trying to take credit for all things which they never ever stood for.

He may have been oppotunistic in his activism; from the tearing up of the Lokpal bill to the decision of entering the political mainstream to fight within the system; but looking back, it seems that he played his cards perfectly well.  He may have probably not envisaged that this movement would thrust him to the seat of power of Delhi, but call it destiny, he is now moments away from becoming the Chief Minister.  Undeniably, he has left an impression on the common man, though not on the cold blooded politicians.

Let’s now hope that this is the begining of a long overdue change in the political scene of India.  Although, the fact remains that activism and governance are two completely different aspects.  Running a country or a state is not an easy task.  AAP is a first timer in governance, and there is nobody who can claim even a day’s experience in running the affairs of a state.  Thus, it would be interesting to observe, and it will be followed on a daily basis, how the euphoria of activism translates into effective governance.

If he does manage to provide a clean and effective government, then the true politicians can gradually expect to fade away into history.  If they want to survive, then they would need lessons from Kejriwal and learn to respect the common man.

Hoping for a change…hoping for a kick in the ass of the politicians who have sucked the common man dry.