Committments and expectations

Committments and expectations affect peaceful co-existence. It’s best neither to commit nor to expect and instead, strive to achieve for what you expect from others and to fulfil, on your own, what you would have done under committment, in the normal pace and normal course of life.


Politics – The Leader and The Follower

Politics is a means to shield the acts of misuse of power done under the guise of discharge of political obligations. The shield is the mass of followers who believe the word of the leader, while the leader, using (misusing) the power generated out of mass following, indulges in self-gratification under the guise of political obligations. In the ultimate analysis, the politician grows in stature and in wealth, while the followers either go back home under the perceived happiness of having followed their leader, or, in case of them being used for violent protests, land up in jails or hospitals.