And I keep my bag, light and packed, ready to move, on to the next destination

For life is to be lived, one moment at a time, one day at a time.

Tomorrow, if it comes, would be yet another day

The Reset – Lockdown Day #5

The human race perhaps perceived it’s infallibility. But great nations and their powers have met with fates they never perceived. History has, over the world’s existence, repeated itself innumerable times. And when the time comes, there occur changes to a set pattern; a reset.

In the busy chaotic way of life, none would have imagined a “reset” happening.

The lockdowns around the world would probably result in a reset of sorts.

Reset of the pace of work, reset in the manner of living, reset in the powers of the powerful nations and men, all but seems inevitable. Though none may realise, but if seen in the right perspective, maybe not now, maybe few months or a year later, there would have seeped in many changes.

Every individual would have to be objective in his own analysis of himself. There will be a reset. It perhaps has already been set in motion. It would be slow, unlike a reset in an electronic device or gadget; resets in human lives shall take some time to be seen,

For some, it would be good. For some, it would be painful. Some may not realise it for they were probably passive to their surroundings from the beginning.

But a reset it would be. Time, it is said, is the best healer. Likewise, time, is an agent of change. A reset is nothing but a change, a correction.

And that is to happen now, when the world at large is forced to stop, to allow a reset long overdue.



Beyond your own, what seems to be closeness

Is nothing but a short term fallacy; a mirage

Nothing is permanent in relationships

Nothing comes without a cost

Nothing is out of the heart; mind rules actions and emotions

Some might give you hope, an olive branch

Yet others may appear to be your own

But the fact remains, unless tested with passage of time

All those who speak rosy and words of glory

Are the first to be only for the moment, at their pace, at their convenience

And many a times, even those tested with time

Change, with the change in direction of winds

So be it; be not too attached to one or many

For neither is the sun a constant, nor does darkness ever remain

Be with others what they be to you

For if not you, for them will be the other

And so are the way of humans and so are the ways of life

Fallacies are the way of life

Live for the day, live for thyself

For others, it’s not you, its what thee can give

And rest is just a fallacy


Wisdom are words spoken by the men in possession of knowledge.

Knowledge is an ocean, it’s depth unfathomable.

O ye who seeketh knowledge, I say to thee, I seeketh knowledge myself. Show me the path that leads into and unto the sea of knowledge, vast, deep and varied; for life would be well-lived, if on my last breath I were to say, O Lord, thank you for all the treasures of the knowledge of the world that you blessed me with!

As you grow rich in terms of monetary wealth, you become poorer in terms of compassion and civility. Many have, over time, as they accumulated money, become obsessed with money. Disregard to relations built beyond blood and family is the direct result of arrogance of wealth. Alas! Money is like sand. It’s value erodes over a period of time. Relations, if maintained, provide strength and support, which is beyond the purchasing power of money.

The less-in-wealth will never lose the most important ability; ability to sustain in adversity; the wealthy will lose sanity!!


Why doth a man  hunt for excuses to lay the blame upon?

Why not look within to find faults, aplenty they may be!

Every problem a human faces, causes thereof lie in his inabilities


A mind in conflict with all that walks, crawls and moves

Cannot be the mind that can be put to effective use


Sadly, realisations do not translate into actions

Time waits for none, yet for him who remains confused, life will always be at a standstill

Mein maut ki aagosh mein jaata raha

Maut bhi kitni zaalim

Apney taraf aaney ka raasta har pal badalti rahi


Intezaar badhta gaya

Zindagi maut key intezaar mein kat ti rahi

Na jee saka zindagi, na apni maut mar saka

Maut dekho kitni zaalim

Apney taraf aaney ka raasta har pal badalti rahi


Phir socha kya fayda zindagi sey yun is tarah guzar jaaney ka

Kuch haasil kiya nahin, waqt beet gaya intezaar mein

Gumnaam kyon so jaaoon mein

Kyon auron ka naam kar jaoon mein

Dard diya jinhon ney mujhey, kyon unkey chehrey par hansi chod jaaoon mein


Aisa bhi nahin key khatm ho jaani hai duniya gar na milta mujhko mera chaha

Aisa bhi to ho sakta hai key dard-e-sir ban jaaon mein

Unkey liye jo detey hain pal pal mujhko dard

Meri fitrat nahin key unko jeet leney doon aasani sey mein

Meri fitrat mein to junoon aur jazba hai


Jaa Maut, aur bhi door jaa tu ab

Teri chah nahin mujhko jab tak zindagi mujhey chahna na chod dey

Milna to hai zaroor tujhko ai maut magar

Ab dil bhara nahin dard-e-zindagi sey mera


Maut…tu kitni zaalim thi key aaj bana diya mujhko


Ab zindagi mujhsey panah maangegi tujhko woh khud hi bula laaegi

Tab hogi shaayad jeet meri

Mujhko mein nahin tu hi le legi apney aagosh mein

Waqt muqarrar hai…to intezaar rahega milney ka

Tab tak vaada hai zindagi tujhko bhi jhelney ka

Give me my spac…

Give me my space…my night, my day

For I have much to live than live life by the day

I live today for a better tomorrow

I lived yesterday for a better today

A vicious circle that be…a circle that ends from where it begun

I know not what good it would have been

Had yesterday been different from what it has already been

I know, though, for sure, my present is happy for what yesterday had been to me

So give me my space…my night, my day

And I hope to live an even better tomorrow…if I live my life my way today

Not to forget, what destiny plans

May be different from what I yearn from life

Yet, destiny is unseen, unknown..

Why then be I bothered of something unseen, unknown, yet destined to come my way

Why not, then, should I live my dream for tomorrow, today

Why not I enjoy my space….my night, my day…my life as I want to live today…

Be there with me, live life with me, all ye who live by the day…

For we live on something which only we can see…dreams…dreams of a better tomorrow

Give me my space…my night, my day…

And I will live my life to the fullest today…

Ek Baap Ki Fariyaad

Budha Ho Gaya Hoon Mai Thora Waqt De Diya Kar
Baith Kar Doh Chaar Hi Sahi Mujh Se Batain Kar Liya Kar
Tu He Meri Lathi Hai Tu He Meri Roshni
Kuch Duur Rasta Meray Saath Bhi  Tai Kar Liya Kar
Mar Joaoonga Ek Din Chala Jaoonga Chor Kar
Jo Bachi Hai Zindage Uss May Kuch Lamhay Meray  Liye Rakh Liya Kar.

The above few lines were penned by my maternal uncle (mama) Muhammad Ather Tungekar from Karachi, Pakistan.  The lines represent a general feeling of all parents and is not reflective of Muhammad Ather Tungekar’s personal feelings.

In reply to his lines, I put forth my views of what generally is happening today.  Again, my thoughts should not be viewed as situational to me.

Tumney mujhey apney god mein sulaya
Tumney mujhey apney haathon sey khilaya
Tum hi they jiski ungli pakadkar
Meiney apna pehla kadam badhaya
Tum hi they meri har mushkil mein merey saathi
Tum hi they jis sey meiney apney dil ki har baat baanti
Tum hi they jisney mujhey kaabil banaya
Tum hi they jisney mujhey sahi manzil ka raasta dikhaya
Aaj mein jis kaamyabi par hoon
Tum hi to ho iski wajah
Par aaj waqt kitna badal gaya
Mujhko milney ko tumhara dil tadap gaya
Mein bhi kitna bekhabar sa hoon
Apney farz sey anjaan sa hoon
Aaj mujhko saath dena chahiye tumhara
Aur mein hoon key apney duniya mein uljha sa hoon
Mujhko jab thi tumhari zaroorat, uff bhi na kiya aur sath diya
Ab hai tumko meri tadap, aur mein…yeh haal hai key tumhari fariyad bhi ansuni si hai
Waqt aur bhi badlega, woh din bhi aaega
Jab mujhko tumko dena hoga kaandha
Tab bhi shaayad ehsaas na hoga
Tumhey waqt na dena ka afsos bhi na hoga
Waqt phir aur bhi badlega
Waqt ka chakkar mujhko le aaega us umr par
Jis umr par ki thi tumney yeh fariyaad
Tab shaayad ehsaas hoga mujhko
Kaash dhyaan diya hota
Kaash tumko waqt diya hota
Ehsaas hoga us akeley-pan ka, jo tumko us waqt mehsoos hua hoga
Kaash meiney na ki hoti yeh galti
Kassh meiney apni zimmedari puri ki hoti
Mein na jaanta tha us waqt
Bachpan sey lekar budhapey tak
Har shaqs guzarta hai ek jaisey haalat sey
Kal meiney kiya tha aap ko rusva
Aaj shaayad mujhko bhi hona hoga rusva
Yehi hai har waqt ki kahani
Kadva sach hai…maano to haqeeqat hai…
Na maano to sirf khud key dil ko behla rahey ho

Ek Mod Aaya Tha Zindagi Mein

Ek mod aaya tha zindagi mein
Mohabbat jab huee thee mujhey
Saath choot gaya kuch pal mein phir
Tanhaai rah gayee saath mere

Waqt beeta, zakhm bhar gaya judaai ka
Zindagi sey samjhauta kar liya meiney
Ek haseen khwaab raat ki neend mein samajhkar
Doosra sawera dekh liya meiney

Phir ek hawa ka jhonka aaya
Le aaya saath usey…
Zindagi mein roshni si huee
Tanhai khatam si lagney lagi

Wohi hansi, wohi chehak, wohi pyaar uski nazron mein tha
Wohi kasak, wohi tadap, wohi dard mereliye aaj bhi tha

Mein bhi chup tha, who bhi chup thi
Dil mein magar dono key baat wohi thi
Kuch na keh saka, baat hothon pey thee
Kuch na kar saka, kuch na kar saka

Bereham nikla hawa ka jhonkan
Voh jhonka na tha ek zarra tha
Kuch pal ki hansi thi, kuch pal ki khushi thi
Baad mein uskey phir wohi gam tha

Waqt aur haalat ney phir cheen liye usey mujhsey
Saath rah gaya wohi bereham sannata, wohi beraham tanhai