Beyond your own, what seems to be closeness

Is nothing but a short term fallacy; a mirage

Nothing is permanent in relationships

Nothing comes without a cost

Nothing is out of the heart; mind rules actions and emotions

Some might give you hope, an olive branch

Yet others may appear to be your own

But the fact remains, unless tested with passage of time

All those who speak rosy and words of glory

Are the first to be only for the moment, at their pace, at their convenience

And many a times, even those tested with time

Change, with the change in direction of winds

So be it; be not too attached to one or many

For neither is the sun a constant, nor does darkness ever remain

Be with others what they be to you

For if not you, for them will be the other

And so are the way of humans and so are the ways of life

Fallacies are the way of life

Live for the day, live for thyself

For others, it’s not you, its what thee can give

And rest is just a fallacy


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