Give me my spac…

Give me my space…my night, my day

For I have much to live than live life by the day

I live today for a better tomorrow

I lived yesterday for a better today

A vicious circle that be…a circle that ends from where it begun

I know not what good it would have been

Had yesterday been different from what it has already been

I know, though, for sure, my present is happy for what yesterday had been to me

So give me my space…my night, my day

And I hope to live an even better tomorrow…if I live my life my way today

Not to forget, what destiny plans

May be different from what I yearn from life

Yet, destiny is unseen, unknown..

Why then be I bothered of something unseen, unknown, yet destined to come my way

Why not, then, should I live my dream for tomorrow, today

Why not I enjoy my space….my night, my day…my life as I want to live today…

Be there with me, live life with me, all ye who live by the day…

For we live on something which only we can see…dreams…dreams of a better tomorrow

Give me my space…my night, my day…

And I will live my life to the fullest today…