Aman Ki Asha A Hope for Peace

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I envy the pigeons that fly

From my side to yours

There are no boundaries

That stop them from going beyond

For they are pigeons, not men

Like you and me

Who fight as nations Nations who were one not long ago

Why can’t there be peace

As there used to be once upon a time

Why can’t there be a realisation

That hate begets hate

Peace will bring us closer

Peace will keep us happy

Peace will give us a reason

To bring prosperity

I wonder when the day will come

When people who matter, understand

Let’s not fight yet again

Let’s not try to break each other once again

We gained nothing but hate

After we chose to separate

We could have been one happy nation

Had we taken a wise decision

What happened is now history

What can be gained now, should not be a mystery

Let’s work towards peace

Let’s make peace, let’s make peace

Hope for peace

Hope for prosperity

That is my request to you O my brother on the other side

For you forget you are part of me


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