School friends, boys who became men…and continued to remain friends

I met you after decades passed by
I met you last as a school boy
I met you now, as both you and me are fathers of growing young boys
O dearest friend, we still bond well as we did when we were school boys, pure at heart and at mind

Time passed by, years converted to decades
Our lives took on to different roads
And we forgot to turn back to look at the sunshine, to look for each other and for the happiness that we shared
Memories faded, we lost track, time passed by, years converted to decades

Then destiny brought about a change
A source to trace friends of childhood
Technology helped bringing back together
Friends of childhood days

We had grown, matured and had our own unique lives
We had all but changed; our memories had all but faded
As if waiting in the sub-conscious mind
To connect with friends of the days of our origin

We came across, you and me, and all of us slowly coming back to the fold of childhood days
Changing times brought about new innovative ways to connect
And we thus became connected yet again
Children who bonded, re-bonded with the same comfort as men
Children as friends are now stronger friends as men; the distance in time set in the realisation of the happiness of re-bonding of childhood friends

Then came the moment when you and I met in person
A moment in life where words often fail; a moment when the memories of childhood flash by completely
It was a moment of joy, of happiness, of feelings unexpressed
When you and I, standing together after decades,
Were the same old schoolboys hugging each other goodbye as we parted ways out of school.

As now we bid goodbye to each other
We now part with hope and determination
To live in memories always
And with the hope to meet once again


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