Public Display of Religion – Why is it more of farce than reality

They who talk religion, eat religion, sleep religion, wear religion on their sleeves….PREACH religion, are the worst followers of the religion.

I am no religious scholar, yet, with an average intelligence, I have realised, with whatever I have seen and experienced over a period of time, that religion as ‘enforced’ today, is probably modified, twisted and presented to suit selfish interests.

A human is never meant to be perfect; perfection is a fallacy ingrained in humans. That a human is fallacious with his perception of being perfect is reflected in his acts, deeds and thoughts. Having said that, there are many who are bold enough to admit that despite of practicing or subscribing to a religion, they are far from being real followers. But there are equal numbers of those, or maybe higher, who portray religion as if wearing a crown, making it a point to engage in a display of being religious. Yet, in reality, they would be the worst followers of the religion that they present themselves to follow and promote.

From what I understand about religion, it is an identity with your Lord, the Almighty to whom you have to return. Religion is way of life, a guide to what makes good humans good to be eligible for a life in heaven. It is a guide to avoid path that can lead to a life in hell, if the guidance for eligibility to heaven is ignored. And I am sure, the various do’s and don’ts do not definitely include PDR (Public Display of Religion).

Religion is a divine approach with added laws and rules to regulate human conduct. Unlike man made laws, interpretation of which is decided by Courts and which are open for public review, the interpretation of divine law by humans, not eligible to comment on the framework of the religion has become a source of the current state of affairs in this world. Life at the macro and micro level has been vastly affected by the growing number of ‘self-appointed’ preachers, protectors and followers of religion.

Humanity has taken a back seat, rather, humanity is slowly disappearing from human conduct. And in its place has come contempt, greed and violence. At the micro level of inter personal relations, its self first and self last. At the macro level, religion is a tool used to create divisions and feast upon the spoils of damages caused by the divisions and disturbances caused by such divisions.

PDR has also created self-appointed religious preachers who would themselves be ignorant of the real essence of the religion that they vocally preach. Their own houses in disorder, they engage in imparting lectures on the wrongs and evils of society.

The sane humans, who will grow by the numbers, if they are able to see through the futility of practising religion in extremity, are the only hope for a return of humanity in the world. If these still sane humans fall prey to the high pitched PDR and join the bandwagon, then days are not far when there will be a complete extinguishment of humanity. Humans sans humanity, would bring about days where religion would be used as a tool to carry out mass murders, forcible occupation of lands and commitment of excesses.

Let us come out of rhetorics of religion; let us come out of rhetorics of intolerance. Let humanity be the winner, with religion as the guiding force for peace, harmony and prosperity of humanity. Religion is divine, let it remain divine.


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