The heart, the mind and the loss of humanity

The heart yearns for contentment
The mind yearns for peace

Yet, the heart does not relent
Though it has more than it needs
Yet the mind does not let things go by
When all it needs to do is forgive

O heart! O mind!
Thou both work often in tandem
And yet, the heart fails to control
The beat that makes the mind tick

How then can there be peace?
Why then would the human be grateful?
In a world where small things become big issues
In a world beset deeply with greed

The mind that rules the heart or the heart that moves the mind
Can never make a human perfect; can never prevent a human ape an animal

And thus, the human, often than not
Suffers endlessly; lives and yet is always in search of life.

O heart, o mind!
Take the animal out of the human
So that the world remains a better place, to live

Let there be peace with content
Let there be life, within and around.


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