Dear Zindagi…

Thank you for being my life
Ever since life was passed unto me

For if were it not for you, dear Zindagi
I would not have seen different shades
Of what life is all about

Seasons of the year are easy to define
Shades of life have colours aplenty
Not all find mention, many shades uncommon

Ups and downs aplenty
Straight and curvy roads, I tread many

Everyday unfolds a new story
Constant is the change, fear of the uncanny

Along the path that this journey has passed through
Friends, acquaintances and personalities
Have come and gone and I have passed through their lives as they have through mine

Some left lasting impressions, good, bad and of late some uglies
I thought I tried to be modest in reciprocation
Yet maybe matched not all or maybe none

But whatever has been the path I took
Lessons learnt at every stage; a treasure that remains in mind and sometimes the heart,
Yet fail to recall when events and men, similar in historical traits come across

O life…o my dear Zindagi….
Hold on to me, as I hold on to you
Until death do us apart
And until then, be my companion
In the various moods that I have

For I may not be unique, yet I am what I am
And as you have made me to be…

Dear Zindagi…until tomorrow, until the journey towards one year lesser begins yet again…Khuda Haafiz


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